TRAIN cycling provides a variety of training plans tailored to meet the bike rider’s individual goals.  TRAIN can also teach you the basics of paceline riding, clipping in and out of clipless pedals to correct cornering during a criterium race.  We strive to set each training plan to incoporate the riders goals for the season and encompass the depends and interests of their personal life as well.  The basic cost for a training plan is $125.00 month which includes access to a training peaks account, unlimited e-mail and more personal communication as needed.  Cost for individual hands on instruction varies but on average is $25 an hour.  TRAIN also overs combination plans which include coaching and power tap wheel rental for a significant discount of $175.00 per month for both.  Additional discounts are available for junior who are interested in racing and for those over the age of 65 years old on fixed incomes.